EcoBuild Mission Statement

EcoBuild Collective is focused on building homes which nurture the human as well as the environment. Our builds respond to and interact with the natural world while providing the basic needs for those who dwell within. We have decades of experience with a variety of construction techniques using natural and repurposed materials. Our builds integrate power and water systems which are independent from public utilities. Heating and cooling is accomplished with passive and active systems which require little dependence on fossil fuel.

We strive to create an inclusive environment of respect and equality on our build sites and with our clients. We often incorporate an educational component and welcome volunteers and students who want to learn by doing on the build site.

Our team of five is comprised of three NM licensed residential contractors. One NM licensed Master Plumber. Educational backgrounds in Environmental Studies, Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Permaculture. We have a combined 70 years of experience building sustainable and self reliant structures from start to finish. We specialize in water catchment, grey water and black water systems as well as stand alone solar electric systems.

We offer high quality, hand made finishes from fine cabinetry to tile, stone and earthen plaster. We have worked in a variety of wall systems including tires, adobe brick, super adobe, straw, and frame. Our experience in roof systems include vigas, trusses and fero-cement domes and vaults. We are a creative bunch who enjoy new challenges and innovations! Let’s make your sustainable dreams a reality.

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